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reWine Barrels was established in 2009 with a simple purpose - to produce the highest quality barrels to both the value driven and environmentally conscious winemaker.


ReWine Barrels renews and repairs wooden barrels for wineries, distillaries, breweries, cideries, meaderies and any other beverage producer using wooden vessels. Rewine supplies renewed barrels from 30 gallons to traditional 225L barrels to puncheons and has renovated barrels up to 1650 gallons.

Rewine’s proprietary renewal process doubles the life of French wine barrels at less than half the cost of new barrels and provides a flavor profile that is virtually identical to first fill French oak barrels.


ReWine was established in 2009 with a simple purpose; to provide the highest quality barrel to the discriminating, value-driven and environmentally conscious winemaker.

We accomplish this with a proprietary renovation process that brings new life to neutral French and European oak barrels.

This process is the cumulation of years of research and experience that has been proven by laboratory testing and real world results. It consists of 5 steps: shaving, toasting, hydrating and testing, SO2 treatment, wrapping and packaging.



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After 30 plus years of being a premier staircase builder and overall master woodworker, founder Todd Dollinger decided it was time to shift his focus to another passion of his; wine. ReWine is where woodworking and winemaking meet, truly a match created by passion and driven by perfectionism.

After a trip to Europe a new family business was created. The core values of our business are to be the benchmark of quality in our industry, delivering unparalleled customer service, producing a truly sustainable product and helping to elevate the wines of our customers on a regional, national, and global level.

Please call to learn more about us, and to schedule a meeting at your office or winery.



These are two flavor profiles from a 2010 Pinot Noir lot from Elkton, Oregon. The new barrel is a brand new French Oak Seguin Moreau, the reWine Barrel is a refurbished four year old French Oak Seguin Moreau.

The two graphs show the amazingly similar flavor profiles of the two barrels. The “flavors” of the barrels are the way our senses perceive the “taste” of certain compounds (lactones, vanillans, guicals…) associated with toasted oak.



The rapid growth of the world wine industry has put unprecedented demand on a limited resource - European oak - specifically, Quercus petraea. This oak, commonly referred to as sessile oak or French oak, is a slow growing species that cannot quickly respond to increasing demand. Increasing price pressure will inevitably incentivize exploitation and over harvesting.

This problem is not likely to be resolved in our lifetimes - it typically takes from 80-120 years to grow a European oak tree to the size required for barrel production.

The Rewine process doubles the life of European oak wine barrels and will help reduce pressure on a limited resource. The use of responsibly renewed barrels supports the sustainable management of this vital species.